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合成皮革 100%



color black

(size F)


着丈 20

バスト 85.8 

肩幅 36

袖丈 62

袖幅 16.5

袖口幅 11

裄丈 80

衿幅 7.5


made in japan


Made of fake leather material with an elegant bulge similar to real leather.

I made it. Stretchy due to wet coating

This faux leather has a soft and supple texture and can be washed by hand.

The collar and D pocket are removable, so you can wear it even if you take it off.

It has a short length and a beautiful silhouette design.



100% synthetic leather

(made in Japan)


color black

(size F)


Length 20

Bust 85.8

shoulder width 36

Sleeve length 62

Sleeve width 16.5

Cuff width 11

Sleeve length 80

Collar width 7.5


made in japan

Short Jacket

¥49,000 Regular Price
¥39,200Sale Price

Special Sale

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